“On a whim, I went to hear Evie speak at an event. While the topic of the conversation was not one that resonates with me personally, it does now. On a panel of three, including an industry and academic expert, Evie had the audience in the palm of her hand before she finished her first sentence. Her colleagues relied on notes and PowerPoints and while informative, I remember almost none of what they said. Evie’s story was certainly powerful, but it was made even more so by the strength of her skill as a real storyteller. Her message is clear, but her delivery is probably an overlooked strength. Evie had college students putting their smart phones down and leaning in to soak in her words. This is not a small accomplishment. She has a gift, in her ability to be vulnerable and authentic with just the right dose of humor. Thank you for such a memorable experience. “–Dr. Julie D. Lanzillo Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor Sport & Entertainment Management Neumann University

“Your passionate talk on human rights in prison really resonated with our audience will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of our event program this year. Your story and history of activism inspired all of us to improve conditions in America’s prisons and to become better activists. Thank you for your message, your energy and your humanity.” –Capitol Hill Amnesty International Local Group 211

“I attended Evie Litwok’s talk “Rich, Old and Queer — How Did I End Up in Prison?” at Georgetown University on April 8 and was truly moved by her passion and drive to bring attention to the problems facing the American incarceration system. While news of these problems is increasingly seen in the media, Evie stood out to me for her ability to make such injustices feel relatable. One second I was laughing out loud at her jokes, and the next I was listening in disbelief to the horrific conditions of her imprisonment and time in solitary confinement. The ability to take difficult subject matter and turn it into an engaging, entertaining and moving lecture is an incredible skill, and everyone I know, both those well-versed on the issue and those hearing about it for the first time, left the talk inspired to work for further change to rectify our broken system.”–Andrew DeBraggio, Georgetown University