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The Tippy Story
This two hour Audio CD is a charming story from the point of view of a Maltese dog. The author, Evie Litwok, is a formerly incarcerated woman and dog lover. The Tippy Story proceeds will be the start up funds for Witness to Mass Incarceration, a project by and for incarcerated and formerly incarceration people

Witness to Mass Incarceration Our Mission


We are formerly incarcerated people dedicated to memorializing America’s 40 year history of mass incarceration. We will document this history through in-depth video-taped interviews with formerly incarcerated people. The focus of the interview will be on our lives before during and after release from prison or jail. Our project is entitled

Witness to Mass Incarceration.


By interviewing those who have experienced incarceration, Witness to Mass Incarceration will be able to offer the public the real face of America’s failed and broken justice system. We hope to use these interviews to show the impact on families when a loved one “disappears” from them, the harsh conditions of incarceration and the painful re-entry into the “Free World” when released. We hope to educate, inform, and offer evidence that mass incarceration should be America’s past and not its future.


Initial monies raised will be used to form a non-profit.  Click here to purchase