Kalief Browder

Evie Litwok spoke on Let Your Voice Be Heard regarding the imprisonment and suicide of Kalief Browder this past week.

Kalief Browder was a prisoner at Rikers Island when he was a teenager for three years for stealing a backpack. Because he wanted to prove his innocence instead of pleading guilty to try to do less time, he was held at Rikers Island, even spending time in solitary confinement. He was never charged with a crime. Despite his attempts to rise above his experience by getting the equivelent of a high school degree and enrolling in community college, he never really got over what happened. He killed himself on June 14, 2015.

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I have to be a witness for the millions in prison


Evie Litwok, the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, was born into a life of social activism and worked for many years in support of civil rights, women’s rights, and LGBTQ rights. But it wasn’t until her own arrest, conviction and eventual incarceration that she took up the cause of prisoners’ rights. “Nothing prepared me for what I saw in prison – the suffering, indignity, inhumanity and abuse,” she explains. “So I came out wanting to do something.” Continue reading “I have to be a witness for the millions in prison”

Women in Solitary Confinement

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Victoria Woodrich had had enough. On November 11, 2014, six weeks before her 36th birthday, she tied a sock around her neck; she tied the other end to the top of her bed structure. By the time staff found her at 3:30 that afternoon, she was dead.

Woodrich, known as Shortybang to her friends, had been in prison for more than a decade and at Illinois’ Logan Correctional Center since its 2013 conversion to a women’s prison. Earlier that month, she was placed in the prison’s segregation unit, where women are locked in their cells nearly 24 hours a day. Continue reading “Women in Solitary Confinement”

Evie Litwok is honored to be a part of JustLeadershipUSA

JustLeadershipUSA launches Inaugural ‘Leading with
Conviction’ training for formerly incarcerated leaders from
across America to advocate for prison reform
New York, NY –JustLeadershipUSA

JustLeadershipUSA is dedicated to cutting the US prison population in half
by 2030 while reducing crime, by empowering people most impacted by
crime and incarceration to drive policy reform. JustLeadershipUSA was
founded by Glenn E. Martin, a national criminal justice advocate who
spent 6 years in prison, on the principle that those closest to the problem
are closest to the solution. Continue reading “Evie Litwok is honored to be a part of JustLeadershipUSA”

Solitary not yet over at Rikers, but advocates keep fighting

Solitary not yet over at Rikers, but advocates keep fighting

A group of prisoners’ rights activists didn’t stop a new isolation unit from being approved on January 13, but they did manage to push through some changes to the proposal, as well as long-overdue limitations to solitary confinement at Rikers Island, New York City’s massive island jail complex. In doing so, they went up against the powerful Correctional Officers’ Benevolent Association.  Continue reading “Solitary not yet over at Rikers, but advocates keep fighting”